Head Stuff
GRAPHOS IS A selective resource for photography and typography ...—Bill Troop ... (continue)
The Film Developing Cookbook Resource Page
WELCOME TO this resource page for the Film Developing Cookbook which I co-wrote with Steve Anchell. Our first concern is accuracy, so the first subject is errata..... (continue)
Photographers’ Resources
When I need help I go to three places first: the rec.photo.darkroom newsgroup, Jack's Photography and Chemistry Collection, and John Mided’s comprehensive chart of developing times.... (continue)
Lisette Model Project
In addition to being a great photographer and teacher, Lisette Model was wise and outstandingly witty. It has long been a cherished project to collect anecdotes and stories about Lisette, which I intend ultimately to publish... (continue)
TYPEFACE DESIGN is one of the most gloriously unsuitable fields of endeavour ... (continue)
The Man Behind Courier: the Bud Kettler Page
COURIER is the world's most well-known typeface, but little is known about its designer, Howard G. (Bud) Kettler who died in September, 1999 at the age of 80. Kettler's long career began at IBM in 1955 and continued into the 1990s ... (continue)
Sarah Kane 1971-1999
Mrs Hapgood gave Stanislavski a machine into which he was supposed to dictate his accumulated wisdom. He duly turned it on, uttered the words “Art is—” and stopped ... (continue)
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